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spacepenguintim [userpic]

Time does not exist because it cannot be measured.

What is the Past cannot be measured because it has already gone.

What is the Future cannot be measured because it has not happened yet.

What is Now cannot be measured for it has no length.

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I found this the other day. Cara must have written it, since it says stuff about me, but I thought it'd be fun to post here :)

101 fun things to do with PlaceboCollapse )

abhoria [userpic]

So in a fit of boredom I've updated the design of the community.

If anyone has any more suggestions for the colour scheme *looks to tim and rchel* please reply to this as I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to HTMl!!

And if you have any links which you remember exchanging and loving in AMP please tell me because I want to make a links list!

*throws a party in #19*

Fi xxoxoxox

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heatherbat [userpic]


that is all.

spacepenguintim [userpic]

Hello to everyone who remembers me. I know that nobody posts here anymore but there may still be some people watching, if so please let me know as I cannot find you all.

To catch up on what I have been doing look at the picture. No, the wings and sunglasses have not been added in photoshop, they are real :o)
My lovely daughter, Abigail, has been taking up all my time and I have been enjoying every minute.
She will be 3 in a week's time! Can you believe that?

Anyways.... get in touch, it's been too long.


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christoffen au [userpic]

haven't been to one since brixton 2001, aside from that mini one at reading 2003.



Where: Wembley Arena, London Wembley Arena Venue information
When: SATURDAY, 09/12/2006, doors at 19:00, starts at 19:30

who's coming?

(christ) sin, it's all that you know.

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heatherbat [userpic]

i meant to post this here.

so. ampers who aren't on my friends list...

i got married. to my muffin. :)


heatherbat [userpic]

so out of nowhere i pretty much downloaded legally obtained all the songs off of WYIN, and i also happened to be - completely independent of the WYIN downloading legal obtaining - searching for "heatherbat" on google and found all these old posts to amp.

now, i want to say that i'm shitfaced right now so yeah, i'm prone to a lot of sappy "omgz i love you guyses" stuff. that in mind...

omgz, i love you guyses. i miss amp, and how safe and nice it was. i mean, back when it was going, i would have, without question, taken a bullet for ANY of you on there. except maybe n*ncyben. ::shudder::

it makes me kind of sad. amp died and we're not all OMGTHISCLOSE anymore. which i guess is expected to happen. we're all growing up and doing our own things now. i'm getting married on march 25th to who i think is my muffin. i've loved him since the second i laid eyes on him, and every new day is just reaffirmation of how right he is for me. i'm happy and getting "old" - i never leave the house, i have no drama. i don't do drugs, i rarely drink. life is good. life is boring. life is good and boring. i wouldn't trade my happy life in for any of the drama i was having with brian, or anniechrist. but god, i miss all of you guys. so much. i miss amp, and all the weird rules we had. i still can see amp in my head. and the bar, with our barwench. back when i had a modified "oi" haircut and hung signs off of my bangs. and BUB and BUAR and all the other BU's we had. and the LIP and the sheepie is god fan club and the one bitch army and the one bitch armybot and the speech and the shag chambers and #666 and #23 and sheepie and EVERYTHING. i miss it, and it makes me kind of sad that we can't have it back.

babies, i went and got old on you all. i turned into a grownup.

i miss you all a lot anyways.


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christoffen au [userpic]

hey, does anyone know if zeo has a livejournal account? i just realised he's one of the few people i wanted to stay in contact with from amp who's not on my f-list but i'd forgotten about.

abhoria [userpic]

*pokes aye_emm_pee*

hmmm maybe we can have one day...

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