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November 2007
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from back in the day...

I found this the other day. Cara must have written it, since it says stuff about me, but I thought it'd be fun to post here :)

101 Fun Things To Do With Placebo

101. obligatory sex with brian.
100. try to turn stefan straight
99. try to turn steve gay.
98. bake pies.
97. demand to know what the hell boxing clever means.
96. have brian break the news to erica that shes never getting her shirt back. [ed. note: cara stole my placebo shirt, haha]
95. watch anime.
96. watch porn.
95. have brian and stef do my french homework for me.
94. find out what steves daughters name is.
93. take *lots* of pictures.
92. makeovers!!
91. amp convention.
90. make a fortune by selling new-and-never-before-heard-bootlegs on ebay.
89. make a fortune selling brian on ebay?
88. be seen in public with brian and make everyone think youre a lesbian.
87. make a kick-ass fanatic video ^_~ (steve can hold the camera, brianll do lighting, stefan will hold cue cards....)
86. call up matt and say, "i have your 'definative proof'. ::evil smile::" [ed. note: i think this refers to our friend matt refusing to believe that brian is male]
85. sing pop goes the weasel
84. boggle tournament
83. think up alternate lyrics to *every song*
82. email everyone in brians graduating class again.
81. learn how to play guitar.
80. shopping spree!
79. make them cover every song i know.
78. *make* brian shower.
77. enroll them at lsa. [ed. note: our highschool]
76. take them over to ericas to meet radiohead. :\ [ed. note: not sure how radiohead ended up at my house]
75. make brian wear my knee-high boots. [ed. note: cara wore these into school on a dress-down day and fell in the hallway. i was the only one who saw. heehee.]
74. call my dad. [ed. note: i'm sure cara's dad would have been quite disapproving]
73. make them cover b-52s songs.
72. hey, the year brian was born :)
71. go to waterfire (on the right night....)
70. sing the oscar meyer weiner song together.
69. 'nuff said.
68. have stefan clean my ceilings.
67. take pictures in those picture booth thingies at the movie theater.
66. loiter.
65. read pzb to eachother. [ed. note: just in case anyone has forgotten, poppy z. brite]
64. channel surf.
63. get piggy-back rides from stefan.
62. see what happens when my mom calls brian a blinking fruit. [ed. note: cara's mom is funny]
61. find out exactly how tall brian is.
60. play beethoven's ninth/the national anthem.
59. call up eddie izzard.
58. make them grow beards >:)
57. very quickly shave off the beards.
56. show them amp.
55. fix brians teeth.
54. put my grandmother's wigs on them >:)
53. draw on them with sharpies while theyre sleeping.
52. find out brians natural hair color
51. pig pile.
50. see if matt like vinyl pants as much on boys. [ed. note: same matt as above, kept feeling up our legs when we had vinyl pants on]
49. bring them to the junior prom.
48. pay citizens of riverside $1000 to walk around naked. [ed. note: riverside was where cara lived. fairly well-off area.]
47. needlepoint.
46. armed robberies.
45. truth or dare.
44. communal marriage.
43. get ripped.
42. talk to stefan about the hitchhikers guide.
41. let them go through my wardrobe and pick out the good stuff.
40. go clubbing.
39. get arrested :)
38. have them clean my room (*somebodys* gotta do it.)
37. find out what they look like first thing in the morning.
36. see if brian can write lyrics when hes not high.
35. ask what "la haine" ("the hatred".... brians fave movie) is about.
34. make brian talk about the famous people hes slept with.
33. share group enmity for luxembourg.
32. get redecorating tips.
31. call todd haynes.
30. find out the french-model-girl's name. [ed. note: brian was dating her at the time, apparently]
29. kill the french-model girl.
28. apologize to brian for killing the french-model girl.
27. console brian on his loss of the french-model-girl.
26. get brian on the rebound from the french-model-girl.
25. never again mention the french-model-girl.
24. take them to the crepe place on thayer. [ed. note: place makes the best fucking crepes ever]
23. show them off.
22. ask brian what he's saying in lotf when it sounds like "hair pies".
21. drinking age....
20. call david bowie.
19. make brian giggle. he sounds so cute when he giggles.
18. invite them to thanksgiving dinner >:)
17. announce engagement plans.
16. make brian put his hair in a ponytail (just to see how itd look.)
15. read a book plant a tree
14. get breast implants together.
13. eat a melon.
12. have one *hell* of a sweet sixteen birthday party.
11. write a letter to your congressman.
10. watch mst3k
9. be serenaded.
8. go grocery shopping (hey, it *has* to be fun with placebo ^_~)
7. get hugged a lot.
6. have them sign alex's guest book >:)
5. squeeze me, i sqeak.
4. invite joyce over to have that orgy weve been talking about. ;)
3. snogfests :)~
2. celebrate that youve just listed 100 things to do.... ^_^;;;;;;

and the #1 fun thing to do with placebo: orgy.