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November 2007
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spacepenguintim [userpic]
Shouting out, but no echo returns....

Hello to everyone who remembers me. I know that nobody posts here anymore but there may still be some people watching, if so please let me know as I cannot find you all.

To catch up on what I have been doing look at the picture. No, the wings and sunglasses have not been added in photoshop, they are real :o)
My lovely daughter, Abigail, has been taking up all my time and I have been enjoying every minute.
She will be 3 in a week's time! Can you believe that?

Anyways.... get in touch, it's been too long.


I'm here: : Work
I'm feeling:: curiouscurious
Now Playing in AMP: : She is suffering - Manics

<3 she's so cute!!

miss everyone :(

I remember you! :D She is super cute! And has great taste in eyewear. Yay!!

- Erica

Hey Tim, long time! Good to hear from you, and feel free to reciprocate the add... and happy birthday to Abigail. :)


Hey dude, looking good.
Glad your still writing - and congrats on that Novel Writing Winner thingy.
I am doing a bit more writing now, in the form of lyrics for our band (well group of people who jam, we may eventually work out a set and do a gig somewhere, you never know.
Hopefully speak again soon, Tim