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November 2007
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heatherbat [userpic]
::clears throat::


that is all.


SQUEE! for having not seen that phrase in what, years???

heh, i was reading something i wrote back in like 01, and had written that and was like OH HELL YES. I POST TO AAY EMM PEE NOW.


:: grabs rchel, heather and erica and heads for shagging chamber #53 ::
:: pours everyone sparkly molkos and sets a trap to lure in sheepie ::

huzzah! ::grabs BUB:: ::dusts off his pink ruffly socks::

Good things come from trees


Random googling and i came across 'Good things come from trees'

I used to post on alt.music.placebo around ten years ago and as far as i recall i used to have that in my signature

Is there any way i can search the old archives? I can't even remember what name I used to post under - good times tho with Sheepboy and Audrey and co. - i'm pretty sure i remember yourself as well

Anyway random request I know!

Re: Good things come from trees

good god almighty, it's alex! ::drags you out of hiding::

a lot of the old ampers have made a concerted effort at reviving amp on a message board i hosted, if you have any interest - http://www.heatherbat.com/amp/ - you have to have an account to actually read anything, but we've all become weirdly concerned with our privacy in our old ages. if you joined up as alex and posted good things come from trees, i think it'd blow a few minds. ;D

to answer your actual question, the only way i know of is through google groups. http://groups.google.com/group/alt.music.placebo/about shows the month by month history (with a sort of depressing visual representation of when it totally freaking died) and you can go through the posts that way. :)