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November 2007
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abhoria [userpic]

So in a fit of boredom I've updated the design of the community.

If anyone has any more suggestions for the colour scheme *looks to tim and rchel* please reply to this as I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to HTMl!!

And if you have any links which you remember exchanging and loving in AMP please tell me because I want to make a links list!

*throws a party in #19*

Fi xxoxoxox

I'm feeling:: boredbored
Now Playing in AMP: : Radio 4

Yay! looking cool.
Hmmm. I hear that Radio 4 is currently playing in here.
That goes quite nicely with what itunes has just stuck on from my 2726 song playlist - Boyzone - no matter what!! Where the hell did that come from?

Tehehe! Boyzone! hehehe! I have a cd of theirs around here somewhere I think!

Now playing: Overture Romeo & Juliet (excerpt) - Tchaikovsky

Oooh I have seen that twice. Both times with the nbt... I think... (it was ten years ago - my memory is not that good)

I used to have it (Baz Lurman Version) on video somewhere because I had to watch it when I was at school because we were studying it in English. So cultured eh? :P

Baz Lurman Rocks! I have "Tango du Roxanne" video on my myspace page :o)

Ooooh! I'm still a sucker for the sunscreen song which is really rather silly :P

Looks good :D

::sneaks up behind fi::

::absconds with her into #33::