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abhoria [userpic]

Ah it seems livejournal has become like our faithful friend became on usenet, unused and unloved! So in the spirit of amp, I'm writing a poll:

1 - what colour socks are you wearing?

2 - Is it cold and windy outside? or is that just keele? I think its just Keele, home wasn't like this at the weekend!

3 - Why have polls become quite difficult to write?

4 - Did we use ALL the good questions??!

5 - Who's your daddy?

6 - What's in your pockets?

7 - Why haven't you posted ? *shines the table lamp in your eyes ala 1930's gangster cop movie thing* come on its time to make your excuses!!

8 - Anything else to declare?

Right so erm I better stop now because people are mithering for computers in the library and I should be looking up things on the interweb so i can read them!

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I just had a look at our beloved old friend amp, and there were about 100 messages, only five or so weren't spam.

Poor amp.
*pets old dead friend*

abhoria [userpic]

Congratulations to ms heather bat!! see here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/grey_like_stars/78251.html?view=575147#t575147

Ok, so the minute I join, AMP LJ goes as quiet as AMP usenet?


Viscountess of North American Harem Operations [userpic]

this is teh best meme EVARx0R!!!

type your username with your:

nose: tre3y-loike-starsw (i have a big nose, wtf.)
elbow: grey-likjer-stares
tongue: grey-like-stars (...but a talented tongue. heh.)
chin: gvbr4ey-like-sdtarss
feet: grey_llkikje_Stars (two feet = shift key enabled!)
eyes closed and one finger: grey-like-sraes (damnit. i was so close! i have officially touch-typed for too damn long.)
back of my hand: 7tgrey6-=like-=setars
palm: greyuh-0kliokjed-0sxt54ars
mouse: grey-like-stars
wrist: gferweyu-=luikjew-sdrtasrts

obviously, i had a little trouble with the underscores. c'est la vie.

i cracked up like a 5 year old through this whole thing. especially when i was furtively licking my keyboard with my boyfriend and mother in the next room.


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old lurker from AMP...sometimes posted as MikEy and sometimes as Retox...

Just stumbled accross this....it's good to know that amp didn't completely die!

spidrak [userpic]

Someone emailed me this poll. So I did it, mostly because it wasn't on livejournal, and reminded me of amp. only i have no amp access here, so i have to post it on livejournal instead. heyho.

pollyay!Collapse )

Viscountess of North American Harem Operations [userpic]

this was originally posted to amp a couple of years ago, with the subject line, "poll of dreams". i like it still. :)

1) if you were singing a song to me right now, what would it be?

2) what do you wish you saw when you looked outside your window?

3) who do you wish was smiling at you from your bed?

4) if you were a lipgloss/lipstick, what colour would it be?

5) think of your favourite song/place/person. if this song/place/person were a lipgloss/lipstick, dress, nailpolish, pair of shoes, and a purse, what famous person would wear it?

6) my sister is so pretty 'coz she's very pregnant and will have her baby anyday now. (came to this world by caeserian section. no, really. he'll be two in a little less than a month.) do you wish you were pregnant?

song lyrics! (for extra points, feel free to name what songs they came

7) who am i that i should be vying for your touch?

8) does mtv make you wanna smoke crack?

9) were you standing alone?
b) without a dream in your heart?
c) without a love of your own?

10) will you be mean?
b) will i drink all the time?

11) when you've got money, do you got lots of friends?

12) is it only in your head?

13) is every cop a criminal?
b) are all the sinners saints?

14) is the world a bit amiss?

15) me and my girlfriend don't wear no clothes, you know. what are you
wearing? (man, i'm clever.)

16) did you give me all a boy could give?

17) is all you can do is break yourself in two?

18) earth below us, drifting, falling. pick your favourite spot on the earth
and tell us about it.

19) would you rather lose your clothes or your lube?

20) weed, breasts, or all the rest?

21) this is my final rant, my final bellyache. what's your current

22) just a couple of my cravings are cigarettes and chocolate milk. what do
you want?

23) who do you call to get to sing you lullabies when you're feeling

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abhoria [userpic]

lalalallalalalalala, its that time again... when fi get's bored and write a mega-ass poll just because she doesn't want to write an essay or revise or anything... Warning!! this might be really really crap!

S - What colour socks are you wearing?

A - What was the last thing you downloaded?

Y - It's nearly festival time, which festivals are you planning on attending this year? [If any]

I - Do you have an Ebay habit? Did you ever have one?

T - Did you know that palm tree's grow in colder places than most people think?

w - Have you got a powerful Horse outside?

I - To gig or not to gig?

T - Close your eyes, spin yourself around and around - when you stop put your hand out - what is the first thing you touch?

H - Should Pat Sharp grow his mullet back?

V - What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?

O - When will George Bush get his nasty backside assignated(sp?)?

D - Where's Sheepie? & why does Aye_emm_pee attract so few posts!?! :'(

K - *sigh* This isn't getting my essays done is it?

A - Any final thoughts?


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abhoria [userpic]

From: Spacepenguin <space.penguin@btinternet.com>
Newsgroups: alt.music.placebo
Subject: To all the regs...
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 11:22:18 +0100

... who might be the slightest bit interested in where I have been and what
I have been up to, the following link explains all :o)



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